GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers

Camplify has partnered with Black Knight to make GPS tracking simple and easy. For a small monthly subscription, you can be up and running with your GPS tracker to keep your caravan, motorhome, campervan or camper trailer safe.

Camplify GPS Features

  • Monthly subscription cost
  • 20% discount for Premium Members *
  • Real-time GPS location
  • Distance (km) and speed tracking
  • *ask your Customer Success Team for the discount code.

The Tracking Platform

We understand the importance of knowing where your van is and how far it has travelled during each hire. To help with this, we’ve integrated the GPS tracking platform directly into your Camplify dashboard. This powerful and intuitive platform gives you access to the current location as well as a visual display of their route so far - giving you peace of mind throughout each booking.

Click on the Black Knight product below to purchase via Camplify.