Hayman Reese Sentinel™ Electronic Brake Controller

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Hayman Reese Sentinel™ Electronic Brake Controller
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Smartclick™ compatability offers plug & play functionality allowing a quick and easy connection to any Smartclick™ Brake Control Body Harness.

• Digital Display shows “Output” setting, “Sync” setting, brake overload or short connection and aids in hookup troubleshooting.

• 3 Year Limited Warranty.

• Thumb wheel type “Output” control.

• Advanced internal circuit protection to prevent damage if incorrectly wired.

• 100% solid state construction.

• No moving parts or pendulums.

• No hydraulic connections.

• No levelling required.

• Compact size, mounts anywhere inside passenger compartment.

• Unique “Sync” adjustment for towing different trailers.

• Soft touch variable manual control.

• Meets all Australian Standards.

• Includes mounting bracket, hardware, comprehensive installation instructions & trouble shooting guide.

• For use on 12v negative ground systems only.

• Dimensions: 159(l) x 80(w) x 35(h)