Wireless Electric Brake Controller Per Day Hire

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 Wireless Electric Brake Controller Per Day Hire
Price: $poa
Are you looking to hire an electric brake controller?
This controller can be fitted to any caravan or camper trailer in minutes. The controller simply plugs inline between the car and the trailer via the 7 and 12 pin plugs, then can be controlled inside your car via a phone app.

To hire a brake controller please complete our hiring form found here; https://www.camplify.com.au/bchire

How does it work?
Plug the brake controller inline via the caravan 12 pin plug and then into your 7pin connnector on your car trailer plug. Once installed mount the controller on the caravan/camper trailer draw bar.
Download the app from the app store and connect to the controller via bluetooth.
Now the RV can be safely towed based on electric brake requirements of the RV.
Fully compliant and safe to operate.