Elecbrakes ElecBrakes Wireless Electric Brake Controller

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Elecbrakes ElecBrakes Wireless Electric Brake Controller
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Elecbrakes employs a high-speed microprocessor connected to various sensors which continuously sample various operating parameters at over 1000 times per second. The parameters are passed into our proprietary algorithms which determine the require brake response. We then monitor the actual brake response with further closed loop algorithms and PID controllers to ensure actual brake response is as close to the desired brake response as possible. For communication we use the widely adopted Bluetooth 4.0 standard, our hardware selections yield a Bluetooth device that has long range capability ensuring high connection reliability and no dropouts under typical operating conditions ensuring our device can be mounted anywhere on the drawbar.

The Elebrakes app provides the user with the ability to adjust brake response, save programs and interact generally with the Elecbrakes unit. The App has a very simplistic home screen designed specifically to limit driver distractions, it shows the operator brake state and key information only, and has a large central button that allows for Manual brake operation. To Comply with ADR38 The App must be operating in either foreground or background mode whenever the trailer is towed.


Please note while the brake system will continue to operate safely and normally when no phone is connected, the unit will not be fully ADR38 compliant, thus users are strongly advised to have the phone cradled and charging while ever towing.

  Elecbrakes is powered via the tail lights, a second input is provided if the user prefers an auxiliary power source. The system has been designed to continue operating even if the Bluetooth signal is interrupted or lost. ? Housed in a tough fibre reinforced housing and encased in urethane, ensuring the electronics are fully protected from water, dust and vibration.

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